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Alfa Laval Compabloc Heat Exchanger Cuts the Energy Bill

A fertilizer manufacturer in Slovakia has been operating Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangers for more than 20 years. They have been selected when constructing the ammonium nitrate evaporation system due to extreme high efficient heat transfer, incredibly low foot-print, very low operational cost. Using Compabloc heat exchangers customer is benefiting from saving large amount of steam by recovering as much heat as possible since many years.

There was no question what technology to install when customer was upgrading the plant 20 years later and selected again the Alfa Laval Compabloc.

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New Overhead Crane from JKM žeriavy in a Refinery Plant

A refinery in Slovakia has recently built a new pumping station for crude oil inside their plant. Several options of overhead cranes have been investigated and finally a proven technology from reliable local supplier JKM žeriavy was selected.

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Thermax Absorption Chiller Reduces Electricity Usage

During a recent energy utilization project in an agricultural farm with more than 11.000 liters of milk production a year and a biogas station with Combined Heat and Power plant in the Czech republic, an unused energy potential has been identified. The biogas engines not only generate electricity, but also a big amount of heat, which has been wasted to the atmosphere. Part of the generated electricity was used by the electric motor driven chiller to create cool for the technology and milk storage.

A new absorption chiller by Thermax utilizes the access heat and generates cool, while saves 90% of previously used electricity. All this in an environmentally friendly, zero-emission technology.

The project was turn-key handled by CHP engineering.

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Maintenance of a Production- critical Heat Exchanger of Alfa Laval

It can be of crucial importance to be able to service an equipment which is essential for the production time on short notice and at the highest possible quality.

NYK consult – with a backup of Alfa Laval service organisation and qualified service people at Supra Technology from Slovakia can organise this for you.

And you can sit back and relax – as people from a refinery in Central Europe – that your equipment is generating the maximum profit for you.

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